Screenshot of photographer Mark Wessel from his video blogs at

I STARTED working as a photographer in the early 90'ties, and did mostly editorial -, and commercial fashion photography for several years. I had spent some years as a model before - working for designers like Valentino and Armani in Milan, Italy - and it seemed natural to go behind the camera - with my experience surrounding fashion photography.

My interest in landscape -, urban -, and portrait photography came after I had done portraits - fashion style - for some years, and moving over to more classic portrait photography was a nice change. I welcomed abstract photography - later on, as a means of good fun, and a way of giving myself a boost of energy.

As time has passed - I realized that making abstract art,  is what I love doing the most. So now, I´ve chosen to let my passion for this genre lead my way, which is reflected in the available art prints here - at my store.

"Why do I do what I do . . . ? Because, I love working with images - both firsthand and in post production. I mainly use my medium format camera Phase One or my iPhone, and work on the images digitally. I am most satisfied, when my work hangs on a wall, beautifully printed and giving the viewer/owner a good feeling." - Mark Wessel. ( For more - go to the blog - Decorating with a Purpose ).