Visudeco by Mark Wessel. Image titled - The Path - Framed & Mounted Print. Living room setup.

( Living room setup of image titled - The Path - Framed & Mounted Print - above. )


"It might sound as a cliché, but there's really something to it:

"Decorate your home and work space with good things that have meaning to you - and you'll have a better life."

I really don't like empty/blank/white walls. They seem to scream out to me: "Help, I need decorating!"

Much like the feeling you might have, when visiting friends, and want to correct their crooked paintings or pictures on their walls, but out of respect - you control yourself. No? Okay - then it's just me!

It's obvious that I see it this way. Coming from more than 25 years of photography, and a highly visual daily life - ever since I remember.

My first camera - ever, was a Kodak Instamatic with a revolving flash cube, which was thrilling to use. I thought using the camera was more fun than the actual pictures I took.

I had that camera - for several years, but in the end - the "magical box" I had received from my parents as a kid, became a retired collection piece. Forgotten - in one of my cupboards.

It wasn't 'till later on - in my life, that I started seeing a real purpose for my images. First - as fashion, advertising images - and later to this date - as images to decorate people´s lives.

Now - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - and I believe the intent, to be the most important aspect, when you create something. What you see in my images - can be truly personal. I’ll gladly describe them - though, and say - that they are all made from a good place, and that - I believe, is the best starting point of any experience.

My wish is - to empower and strengthen the viewer with calm, and strong art. For this is, what my images do to me.

When I make images, it's with the best of intentions - to myself and to others." - Mark W.